Road & Rail Locomotives


Road & Rail Services specializes in safely inspecting, servicing, and repairing rolling stock assets in field operations. We provide cost benefit to the budgets of our customers while keeping railcars and locomotives compliant and in service. Our network of skilled associates apply their abilities primarily in the plant and terminal operations of our customers, but we also provide response services to deliver broader solutions. We complete our value to our customers by deploying information technology to facilitate maintenance processes as well as to best understand service and repair trends, and ultimately optimize equipment condition.


(Auto Racks, Boxcars, Covered Hoppers, Flatcars, Open Top Hoppers and Gondolas)

  • Inspections (Including extended haul and air brake testing)
  • Pre-trip, railcar cleaning, PM and mechanical program work
  • General railcar repairs
  • Mobile response repairs
  • Electronic AAR billing


  • Inspections